Downtown Sports remains Closed in compliance with Governor Baker's order. Covid-19 Update: Latest Here

A Note about our Programs:

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the date when we can safely re-open, we are asking potential registrants to indicate your interest by registering for our programs without payment. Until we are sure that we can move ahead, we do not want you to pay the fee.


Register for a program, select "Mail Payment" in that process and do not send in money right away. Once things become clearer, we will contact everyone for updates and payments for programs. 


To see our summer schedule and program offerings,  please check them out here.

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Rental Rates

Our hope is that the community finds our facility to be a suitable place for training and development, and we want all of the spaces to be utilized as best they can be. With that in mind, we have set our usage prices to make our training spaces accessible to teams, clubs, and individuals.

Court Usage

  • Full Court, including access to 10 basketball hoops, $120/hour*
  • Half Court, including access to 5 basketball hoops, $65/hour*
  • Open Court time will be offered, $10/visit

Field Usage

  • Full Field, $100/hour*

Skill Center Usage

  • Skill Center including access to 3 basketball hoops and 2 concrete walls, $60/hour
  • Suitable for individuals or small groups
  • Possible uses include: basketball shooting or footwork training; technical lacrosse/soccer training with a kick- or bounce-back, etc.


  • *All of the rates presented here are based on a single use/day at peak times of day.
  • *For block rentals of multiple hours/days/weeks or for quieter times, we do consider adjustments.
  • Organizations that are renting will need to provide an insurance statement. Contact us for details.

Please contact us with questions about renting space.