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Multi-Sport Court

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When you come to visit...

We want our facility to last a long time and we need your cooperation to make that possible. Please observe our simple, important rules when you come to Downtown Sports:

  1. Before leaving home, wear a different pair of "outdoor" shoes than the pair you intend to wear inside our court. Indoor soccer shoes, basketball shoes, and sneakers (no cleats) are appropriate inside our facility.
  2. Parking: Visitors should park on the Saxon Street side of the building or on the back side of the building, away from Cottage Street. Do not park in S.C. Rossi's Automotive Services spaces during business hours (before 6pm).
  3. Enter the building through the 240 Cottage Street entrance.
  4. Before entering the court, change your shoes and leave your "outdoor" shoes outside the court. Leave coats and jackets outside the court.
  5. No food or beverages should be brought onto the court. Leave water outside the court.
  6. No dunking
  7. No hanging on rims or backboards
  8. No half-court heaves at the basket — long passes are good, half court "shots" are not!
  9. There is a little room along the edges of the court for viewing. All are welcome, but adults are responsible for young, non-players on the sidelines.