Open Court

Open Court time at Downtown Sports is when kids of all ages can drop in to our facility, grab a ball, and have some fun. Players can come with friends or make new friends when they get here. Space permitting, they can play a full-court game, a half-court game, play HORSE, PIG or Knockout, or just shoot around for training or enjoyment. They can bring their own ball or borrow one of ours They should bring water! We will have the lights on and the heat and air-conditioning set!

Registering for Open Court:

You only have to register once per year! We just need you to sign off on the waiver (accept the terms) and give us some emergency contact info. You don't need to create an account for your child. Just fill out the form, agree to the terms and submit. You pay cash at the door.



When our facility is at high utilization, particularly in the winter months, the opportunities to hold Open Court are limited. More often than the court or field the Skill Center is available for 1 or 2 (maybe more) athletes to take shots on a 10-foot hoop. As the schedule changes daily with groups coming and going, it is best to contact us for availability in the near term. When we know that there is an opening, more often on a weekend day, we will announce it on our social media platforms with as much notice as we can give. Several players find time to shoot around and we would be happy to accommodate more!