Smart Hoops

The purpose of Smart Hoops (and all of our offerings) is to create a fun environment in which players will be excited to learn and improve their basketball skills. The Smart Hoops program will be a five-week or six-week series. Each session in the series includes a training segment (e.g. 40-50%) and a game segment (e.g. 50-60%). In general, we expect to form teams which will stay together for the series and play 3v3 or 4v4. Week one will be devoted to getting started, ball control, and team formation. Weeks two through five will continue with "league play" and playoffs will take place in week six.

If you do not see a clinic that meets your needs here, feel free to contact us through our Online Form.

Students are accepted into an open clinic or clinic series on a first come, first served basis. Although we appreciate your e-mail indicating interest in a Downtown Sports program, advanced payment will secure a student's place in the event.


  • 6 weeks - $119