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Directions and Parking

Some day, both the court and the field of Downtown Sports will be accessible through the same door. Until that time, the court entrance and the field entrance will be different, even though both are in the same building. The court entrance is on the Cottage Street side of the building at 240 Cottage Street. The field continues to be on the Saxon Street side of the building at 34 Saxon Street.

The parking lot surrounds the building but the majority of parking is on the Saxon Street side. Certainly, field users will want to park at 34 Saxon Street. Court users could park there, too, or park on the opposite side of the building (closer to Union Street).

  1. Take Exit 16 (King Street) off of Route 495 towards Franklin (right off the northbound ramp, left off the southbound ramp).
  2. Take a LEFT at the first traffic light onto Union Street.
  3. Proceed past the first stop sign, then take the second LEFT onto Cottage Street.
  4. Take a FIRST LEFT onto Saxon Street.
  5. Enter the parking lot on the LEFT.
  6. For Field: Look for the entrance to Carpe Diem Field (a regular door next to the large garage door). Once inside, follow the yellow-marked pathway to the field.
  7. For Court: Walk to the Cottage Street side of the building (left from the parking lot) and enter at 240 Cottage Street.

Directions to Downtown Sports – Court Entrance

240 Cottage Street
Franklin, MA 02038


Directions to Downtown Sports – Field Entrance

34 Saxon Street
Franklin, MA 02038