Carpe Diem Field

Downtown Sports Franklin Soccer School Field Turf

Since 2006 our field has been a year-round oasis for training and development. The black, kick-back baseboard makes skill repetition easy and the blue wall pads help keep athletes safe. The field turf was replaced in 2017 and is maintained regularly. The space is climate-controlled with heating and air-conditioning systems for a comfortable playing experience.

The field space measures approximately 90x70 feet in total. A large field is outlined that is a few feet from the walls. Typically, the field is lined with a futsal arch, center circle, and halfway line. With a pull netting to separate the space in half, the field is often used as two, side-by-side cross-fields. Small rectangles are typically painted on these cross-fields as "creases" (no blocking shots or scoring from within these areas).

Besides being the home of Franklin Soccer School, the field has been a training space for lacrosse, field hockey, softball, cheer leading and more. Contact us if you have questions.

When you come to visit...

We want our facility to last a long time and we need your cooperation to make that possible. Please observe our simple, important rules when you come to Carpe Diem Field:

  1. Before leaving home, wear a different pair of "outdoor" shoes than the pair you intend to wear inside Carpe Diem Field. Turf shoes, sneakers, or cleats are appropriate inside our facility.
  2. Parking: Visitors should park on the Saxon Street side of the building or on the back side of the building, away from Cottage Street. Do not park in La Cantina spaces.
  3. Enter the building through the Downtown Sports entrance on Cottage Street and follow the sign to the Turf field.
  4. Before entering the field, change your shoes and leave your "outdoor" shoes outside the field. Leave coats and jackets outside the field turf.
  5. Water only on the field turf surface. Do not bring specialty drinks (e.g. Gatorade) or food onto the field turf.
  6. There is little room along the edges of the field for viewing. In recent years we have become a "drop-off" facility for many programs.

Rules and Regulations