Skill Center

The Skill Center is approximately 35x24 feet with a rubber floor and walls on three sides. The space has three basketball hoops. Whether practice jump shots, playing lacrosse "wall ball", knocking a soccer ball against the concrete wall, or exercising on the floor, the Skill Center is a resource to improve technique. Teams, individuals, and fitness instructors (e.g. yoga, free weights, etc.) can make use of this space outside the multi-sport court. Contact us if you have questions.

When you come to visit...

We want our facility to last a long time and we need your cooperation to make that possible. Please observe our simple, important rules when you come to Downtown Sports:

  1. Before leaving home, wear a different pair of "outdoor" shoes than the pair you intend to wear on our playing surfaces. Turf shoes or cleats (for Turf) or sneakers and indoor shoes (for the skill center or court) are appropriate inside our facility.
  2. Parking: Visitors should park on the Saxon Street side of the building or on the back side of the building, away from Cottage Street. Do not park in S.C. Rossi's Automotive Services spaces.
  3. Enter the building through the 240 Cottage Street entrance.
  4. Before entering the Skill Center, change your shoes and leave your "outdoor" shoes (and coats and jackets) aside the Skill Center floor.