Parties at Downtown Sports

Birthday parties and other celebrations are easy at Downtown Sports. We can help you with the details, as you like. You can bring food (pizza, cake, drinks*, etc.). We will have an area for food and gifts.

Please Note:

  • *No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises.
  • Birthday parties are for children, 5 years and older. Parents are responsible for siblings and friends younger than 5 years old.
  • All players must have sneakers and wear gym-appropriate attire (e.g. no dresses)

Number of Participants?

We can accommodate any reasonable number of children for your event but our party pricing is based on 16 players or less. There are additional costs for larger groups.

What We Provide

  • Play area with balls/equipment for games
  • Tables/chairs for your players in the eating area
  • An Event Coordinator to run activities and assist with event.
  • Clean up

Costs for a 90 minute Party (60 min of play, 30 minutes for food gifts):

  • Parties of 16 players or less- $225.00 ($15/player over 16 players)

Provide Information To Get Started

Adult Name:*
Cell Phone:*
Birthday Child Name:*
Birthday Child Age:*
Party Duration:*
Preferred Date(s):
Preferred Time(s):
Favorite Game:*
Other Games:

If you have an idea of dates/times, please send us a note.

Once we have this information, we can finalize the date/time options and pricing for your event. If you prefer to speak by phone, please contact us at 508-528-1339.