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Masks no longer required but are strongly recommended at Downtown Sports!-Covid-19 Update [2021-08-13]: Mask Policy

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Parties at Downtown Sports*

Downtown Sports Party


* Covid Update:

We are still getting our heads wrapped around birthday parties at Downtown Sports during the “Covid era”. Because children remain unvaccinated, we want to keep everyone as safe as possible. Currently, we do not allow the exchange of food in the building when there are multiple groups. Because we have a fair amount of traffic with unmasked players and coaches coming through the facility these days, we don’t feel comfortable with children congregating and eating. Since Downtown Sports is still a “Drop off/Pick-up” (no siblings/parents, spectators) facility, that can be difficult for some families.

We can, however, offer times to play! Parties who wish to have a group in to play sports for a time and then go elsewhere for refreshments are welcome to let us know. We long for the days when the information below feels safe to us!


Birthday parties and other celebrations are easy at Downtown Sports. We do not offer "packages" (ready-made parties) like some facilities, but, rather, you rent the gym and we can help you with the details, as you like. You can bring food (pizza, cake, drinks*, etc.). We have an area for food and gifts. We also provide "Junior Staff" who help to entertain the children** with games like, Basketball, Dodge Ball, Gaga ball***, etc. Pricing depends on how much time you'd like on the court and eating area.

* No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises.

**Please note: Birthday parties are for children, 5 years and older. Parents are responsible for siblings and friends younger than 5 years old.

*** Gaga Ball requires set-up so we need advanced notice

How many participants can we handle?

We can accommodate any number of children for your event but we recommend 16-20 players or less. This allows for two groups of 10 players (e.g. two 5v5 basketball games) to get lots of touches with the balls, etc.

What we provide

  • Play area with balls/equipment for games
  • Tables/chairs for your players with table cloths
  • Staff to run activities (at an additional cost)
  • Clean up


  • Playing areas (Court/Gaga pit)- $100/hour
  • Eating area (usually, ½ hour is enough time)-$75/ half hour
  • Junior staff (to help with activities during play time)- $25/hour per coach for up to 16 children. (for parties, 17+, a 2nd junior staff is required)

To Get Started

If you have an idea of dates/times, please send us a note and include:

  • Desired date(s)
  • How much time to play (1 hour, 1.5 hours)
  • Approximate number of invitees (to help us determine how much staff is needed)

Once we have this information, we can give you some date/time options and pricing for your event. If you prefer to speak by phone, please contact us at 508-528-1339.