"Club/Advanced" Summer Programs

Players develop at different rates and children vary in their commitment to improving. The variety we see in the players that participate in FSS events is a joy of our school; we work to challenge each individual at the level and with the conditions that are appropriate for him or her. We recognize that some players, including many who have trained with FSS in prior sessions, are more focused on improvement than others. For these players, we offer our "Club/Advanced" camp sessions. This camp will incorporate multiple playing surfaces so players will be expected to bring both cleats and "flats" (indoor shoes like sneakers). Players will be grouped by ability, age and/or gender to ensure appropriate levels of intensity.


An FSS advanced session is all about expectations. The players can expect:

  • the topics of the sessions will be advanced in nature during these sessions, namely, fundamentals of technique and tactics.
  • the pace of the class will be appropriately quick to keep all participants thinking and working
  • to receive group and individual instruction to help them improve
  • To play on muliple surfaces-Turf and Futsal (hard court)

The coaches will expect:

  • players will have a desire to advance toward mastery of soccer technique and tactics
  • players will bring to the session a solid grasp of basic technique that they have already developed with a high level team and on their own
  • players will have shown an interest in training on their own to improve
  • players will be open to learning in a fun environment that challenges them

How do I know if my child should enroll in a Club/Advanced session?

Our advanced session is simply providing a way to do what we do in all FSS sessions: find a match between the instruction and your child's readiness for the material. We believe that these are some indications that your child may be appropriate for an advanced session:

  • a child practices "in the yard", dribbling, passing, shooting, juggling
  • a child plays on a "club" team or high level (Div 1,2) travel team
  • a child invites friends over to play soccer, 1 on 1, 2 on 2
  • a child has better-than-average technical ability for his/her age
  • a child has expressed an interest in wanting to be better

If you have questions or need additional information, contact us